Treasures of Panama Experience

Panama's ancient civilizations, cultural traditions and natural treasures come to life in our workshop. You'll see how reproductions of pre-Hispanic artifacts are created using  the "lost wax process", the same method the ancient goldsmiths of Panama used thousands of years ago to make their wonderful pieces of gold.

Following a video presentation, you will walk down a catwalk where you can learn more about the history behind our pieces. Then you'll see a live demonstration of metal casting and can participate in the process.

The tour ends in a complete boutique with a variety of crafts and souvenirs for all budgets. This activity is highly recommended by major travel guides. Click here to book now.

Cost: $10 admission. Students and children under 12 accompanied by an adult free

Duration: 1 hour and a half 

Includes: Refreshments and "Goodie Bag"

Hours: Two tours daily from Monday to Friday at 9:30am and 2:00pm 

To reserve your tour tickets online click here