Reprosa formed 44 years ago from the vision of Frank Santomenno, to safeguard the cultural and historical heritage of Panama through the reproduction of its valuable pieces of pre-Columbian art.

Huacas was the inaugural collection of our first Reprosa store, located in Obarrio. Which soon became the perfect place to buy Panama's iconic gift: jewelry and framed pieces of pre-Columbian art reproductions.

Reprosa Panamá Reprosa Panamá Reprosa Panamá


Innovation led us to create new collections that highlight the richness of Panama, Colonial, Flora and Ocean, to name a few.

Later, we added exquisite pieces of local crafts. Sculptures in tagua seed and Cocobolo wood, Chunga baskets and masks and clay pottery.

"Treasures of Panama" is the name with which we praise our collection, that has the best of Panama. It was this pride for the autochthonous, which led us to create "Treasures of Panama, the Experience", a tour in our workshop where visitors have the opportunity to learn and participate in the process of making our pieces.

Reprosa Panamá Reprosa Panamá Reprosa Panamá


Nowadays Reprosa is synonym of Panama, the prestige of our brand lies in offering the world a little piece of our country in each of our treasures.

Reprosa Panamá Reprosa Panamá Reprosa Panamá