Shipping policy

E. Dispatch.

All product dispatch is subject to merchandise availability. The available quantities reflected in the "Site" are for the reference of the "User" but may vary versus the actual inventories available; The "Site" does not guarantee the accuracy and consistency of these figures. In the event that there is no inventory to dispatch a product, no charge will be made for it or the charge made will be reversed, depending on the means of payment made. "REPROSA" will only cancel the item that has no stock or is out of stock, continuing the transaction with the rest of the items included in the order.

F. Delivery of Goods.

"REPROSA" will only deliver merchandise at home within the Republic of Panama, in the areas specified in the "Site" or by the delivery provider (ASAP). "REPROSA" subcontracts the delivery provider to handle merchandise deliveries to physical addresses in Panama.

Home delivery hours are 8:00 a.m. at 3:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. Deliveries leave our Costa del Este store to the addreess of your choice.

The "Users" may choose between receiving the merchandise at the address established in their electronic purchase order or pick it up at one of the destinations authorized by "REPROSA". For deliveries outside the specified areas, the "User" must select one of the fixed delivery points. All merchandise purchased by the "User" on the "Site" will be sent together with their fiscal invoice; that is, at the time of receipt of the merchandise, the merchandise will be delivered with the original of the corresponding fiscal invoice in compliance with the law. In the case of home deliveries, physical delivery will be carried out at the address specified by the "User". If the delivery is not made due to customer failure, the package will be returned to the store and the "User" must collect it, without refund of the cost of delivery. It is the responsibility of the "User" to provide the correct and complete address, contact telephone number and all possible details to ensure delivery can be made. It is the responsibility of the "User" that in the detailed address, there is a person responsible for receiving the package. Merchandise delivery or multi-item orders may arrive separately or in multiple deliveries. All deliveries are subject to delivery provider policies and terms of delivery.