Privacy policy

Welcome to the website of the Reprosa stores, owned by Reproducciones y Originales, S.A. (hereinafter, "REPROSA"), with address Calle 1ra Parque Industrial, Costa del Este, Parque Lefevre, City and Republic of Panama (hereinafter the "Site" ).

The user (hereinafter "User" or "Users", as appropriate) accepts, without reservation or limitation, each and every one of the terms and conditions of use of this website ( and the services offered and regulated , according to the Terms and Conditions of the internet site "REPROSA"

The "User" is responsible and declares to have legal capacity to enter the "Site" and not have any impediment according to the laws of the Republic of Panama or other applicable jurisdictions to consult information, make purchases, contract, authorize the use of means of payment electronic devices and any other services provided by the "Site". Likewise, the "User" agrees to use the "Site" for a lawful purpose.

The Acts carried out on the "Site" by minors or those who do not have the legal capacity, will be the responsibility of their parents, guardians, curators or managers, and will be considered carried out by the latter in exercise of the legal representation with which count.

Entering the "Site" constitutes an agreement and the express acceptance of the "Users" of the Terms and Conditions expressed herein, and from that moment they are fully responsible for their use. If the "Users" do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, they must suspend the use of the "Site", and not use the information contained therein.

On the "Site", Users may carry out e-commerce inquiries and transactions, such as and without limiting the purchase of merchandise of different types, clothing, cosmetics, fragrances, shoes, accessories, toys, wallets, household items and other services. that the law allows and that are made available to the "User". To carry out purchase transactions, the "User" must enter personal information that allows him to be properly identified.

The "User" acknowledges that "REPROSA" takes all the security measures at its disposal to provide protection to the information collected on the "Site", but that said measures cannot fully guarantee its protection, since they are subject to possible attacks and / or unauthorized access by third parties ("hackers").

The "User" must regularly review the Terms and Conditions of the "Site", since "REPROSA" reserves the right to modify and update them at any time without prior notification.


A. Quality and Performance.

This "Site" is for personal use with the limitations specified. "REPROSA" will not incur liability of any kind before the "User" or third parties for interruptions, malfunction of the services on the "Site", or any other situation that occurs due to network outages or system violations. "REPROSA" does not grant the "User" a guarantee of any kind, since he uses the "Site" at his own risk and responsibility.

B. Limitations.

"REPROSA" is free to limit, modify and / or suspend access to the "Site" and / or the products or services offered to "Users" therein, without the need for justification or prior notification.

C. Prices.

As a general rule, the prices displayed on the "Site" are subject to change without prior notice and are not necessarily the same as the prices available in Reprosa stores. "REPROSA" only guarantees prices once the customer has confirmed the purchase and the payment has been duly processed and confirmed by the collection agent (eg credit card). Before such confirmation, "REPROSA" reserves the right to modify it. The prices on the "Site" are in the currency accepted in the Republic of Panama, this being the Balboa and / or US dollar.

D. Taxes.

The prices displayed on the "Site" do not include ITBMS or other legal taxes. The taxes caused will be added to the total amount at the time of confirming the purchase on the "Site" and will be reflected in the billing.

E. Dispatch.

All product dispatch is subject to merchandise availability. The available quantities reflected in the "Site" are for the reference of the "User" but may vary versus the actual inventories available; The "Site" does not guarantee the accuracy and consistency of these figures. In the event that there is no inventory to dispatch a product, no charge will be made for it or the charge made will be reversed, depending on the means of payment made. "REPROSA" will only cancel the item that has no stock or is out of stock, continuing the transaction with the rest of the items included in the order.

F. Delivery of Goods.

"REPROSA" will only deliver merchandise at home within the Republic of Panama, in the areas specified in the "Site" or by the delivery provider (ASAP). "REPROSA" subcontracts the delivery provider to handle merchandise deliveries to physical addresses in Panama. The "Users" may choose between receiving the merchandise at the address established in their electronic purchase order or pick it up at one of the destinations authorized by "REPROSA". For deliveries outside the specified areas, the "User" must select one of the fixed delivery points. All merchandise purchased by the "User" on the "Site" will be sent together with their tax invoice; that is, at the time of receipt of the merchandise, the merchandise will be delivered with the original of the corresponding fiscal invoice in compliance with the law. In the case of home deliveries, physical delivery will be made at the address specified by the "User". If the delivery is not made due to customer failure, the package will be returned to the store and the "User" must collect it, without refund of the cost of delivery. It is the responsibility of the "User" to give the correct and complete address, contact telephone number and all possible details to ensure delivery can be made. It is the responsibility of the "User" that in the detailed address, there is a person responsible for receiving the package. Merchandise delivery or multi- item orders may arrive separately or in multiple deliveries. All deliveries are subject to delivery provider policies and terms of delivery.

G. Returns.

All merchandise returns must be made personally and physically by the "User" in the Reprosa store in Costa del Este, Panama City within a maximum time of 30 calendar days from the invoice date. Returns sent by other shipping mechanisms will not be accepted. To be subject to a return, the item must be presented together with the sales invoice (original), the merchandise must be in perfect condition and without alterations, it must have the original tickets and particularly the Reprosa merchandise ticket. Defective products will not be accepted for return if they are not under the terms of the guarantee. The product will only be evaluated and changed if it meets the necessary requirements mentioned here. If the client wishes to make an exchange for another equal merchandise, this will be done at no cost. If the customer does not want the item received or make an exchange for another item of equal cost, a credit note will be issued for the original value of the item (not including shipping costs) which will be charged as a credit against the card used to make purchase or by Reprosa gift certificate. The return of the shipping costs charged to the customer for an order, will only proceed if the return of the order items is made in its entirety (all items included in the invoice) by the customer in compliance with the Terms and Conditions of "REPROSA". No cash refunds will be made. Changes through If you wish to make the change through, within 30 days after receiving the product, you must contact the Reprosa Customer Service area at 2710033 or WhatsApp 62022253 (from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm), through our email, or through our website in the form ' Contact us' to check the status of the transport.

H. Receipt / Withdrawal of merchandise.

The "User" accepts, for his safety, that at the time of receiving the merchandise a photograph or photocopy of his identification document or that of the person responsible for receiving / withdrawing the merchandise be taken. It is understood that at the address provided by the customer, the person who is physically present at the time of delivery is authorized to receive the merchandise on behalf of the customer. The delivery will be made to said person taking their corresponding data.

I. Cancellation of Orders and Returns.

In the event that the "User" decides to cancel an order after the credit card has been charged, "REPROSA" will proceed to reimburse the corresponding amount on the credit card used by the "User" to always make the purchase. and when said cancellation is confirmed by "REPROSA" before the merchandise leaves the warehouse of "REPROSA". After this moment, it will be the responsibility of the "User" the receipt of the merchandise and its physical return at the Reprosa store in Costa del Este, according to the terms of returns. In the latter case, the amount of the merchandise will be returned, but the customer must bear the shipping cost.

Privacy Policy

All the data that the "User" provides to "REPROSA" within the "Site" will be subject to our control in accordance with the applicable legislation in the Republic of Panama. The data provided by the "User" will be for the exclusive and internal use of "REPROSA" for the purposes of the "Site" specified in the Terms and Conditions, and said data will not be used for marketing or disclosure purposes for this purpose. no other entity without the proper authorization of the"User". However, both the "User" and "REPROSA" adhere to the indications made in the other points of the Terms and Conditions that may affect the use of information provided on the "Site", so the user must verify and understand as a whole the Terms and Conditions of the Reprosa internet "Site". The credit card payment information is handled by the bank subcontracted by "REPROSA" (PágueloFácil) and is subject to the terms and conditions of said provider, which are accepted at the time of payment by the "User". "REPROSA" does not store or handle the credit card information of the "User".

Users Account

The confidentiality of the account data and password of the "User" are their sole responsibility. All activities carried out on the "Site" under your "User" name and password are your sole and total responsibility. "REPROSA" understands and the user guarantees it, that the information provided by the "User" is complete, you will see, that the "User" is of legal age and that its supply to the "Site" does not break any legal restriction. The credit card numbers provided by the "User" are never stored on the "Site" and are processed directly on the collection servers (PágueloFácil). "REPROSA" does not send credit card numbers by email.

"REPROSA" may contract third parties (external or local companies) to provide the services required by the "Site" and process your transactions. According to the above, the hosting of the "Site" or databases can be managed on the machines of another company and / or use their services to host sections of the "Site", answer questions from users of the "Site", send information about products or other services or process any order placed on the "Site".

External or local persons who may be hired to carry out the above may have limited access to some of the data that we keep in our files about the "Users" of the "Site". These third parties are required to keep the confidentiality of the personal information that they have to handle of the "Users", limit access to that information to the minimum necessary to carry out their work, and not use the information for purposes other than are those of his commitment to "REPROSA". "REPROSA" is not responsible for the additional information that you provide to these third parties and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with their own privacy policies before disclosing information to them.

Available Information

"REPROSA" tries that the information contained in its site is complete, exact and updated, however, it cannot guarantee or assure the integrity, precision, suitability, veracity or validity of all the information offered and available in the "Site", including the one obtained from "REPROSA" itself. The "User" assumes all associated risks and consequences for the use of any content. The products presented on the "Site" are manufactured by third parties; The information provided on the "Site" by "REPROSA" corresponds to the information provided by the provider. "REPROSA" is not responsible for the veracity, accuracy and / or integrity of said information.

Practices regarding the use of the Site

The "User" acknowledges that "REPROSA" has the exclusive power to establish the limits and conditions for the use of the "Site":

A. Content control:

The User acknowledges "REPROSA" total and absolute discretion to pre-select, reject, remove and / or modify any content on the "Site", including but not limited to comments, posts, opinions, etc. Sent by customers. The "User" certifies and confirms that he has full legal capacity, authorization and rights to access the "Site" and interact within it. That to the best of your knowledge and belief, the information you provide is correct, legitimate and you have the rights to register, disseminate and / or publish it on the "Site". Likewise, "REPROSA" will not be liable to the "User" or to any third party for damages, infractions, crimes, contraventions or any other kind of illicit that could be committed, whether it concerns intellectual property rights, honor and reputation. of people, their personal data, credit, consumer rights, or any other right that could be violated as a result of the misuse of the "Site" by "Users".

B. Access to information:

The "User" agrees that "REPROSA", at its own discretion, can access, keep, monitor, manage, delete and modify the information of your account and all content found on the "Site" .

C. Cancellation:

The "User": Accepts that "REPROSA" may cancel, delete or block their registration on the "Site" without justification or prior notice and that this will not give the "User" the right to claim any compensation.

D. Interconnection with other sites:

The "Site" may contain links or connections with other websites due to the very nature of this "Site". Among the sites that may be interconnected, but not limited to these, are the FACEBOOK, PINTEREST, TWITTER or other similar sites. In such cases, the "User" must know and accept the terms, policies and conditions of use of said sites. In case of accepting and accessing these sites, the "User" is solely responsible for the use of the content of their information on said sites. "REPROSA" acknowledges that FACEBOOK, PINTEREST and TWITTER, as well as other social networking sites, are registered trademarks of their true owners and that the use or only naming of them in this document does not imply an improper use of them, in accordance with the guidelines general, and the terms and conditions of FACEBOOK and TWITTER or other similar ones.

User Responsibility for Uses and Content

Both the access and use of the "Site", in terms of the information and contents thereof, will be the sole responsibility of the "User". Therefore, the use that may be made of the information, images, content and / or products offered and accessible through it, will be subject to the applicable law in the Republic of Panama, as well as the principles of good faith and lawful use. by the "User", who is fully responsible for such access and correct use.

The "User" is solely responsible for any information, data, text, photography, video, music, sound, software or any other type of work or expression that includes, publishes or transmits on the "Site", as well as on the sites in which it is being interconnected, such as FACEBOOK or TWITTER. Likewise, he is responsible for the acts and omissions that occur in relation to his account, registration or password that he registers or manipulates on the "Site".

The "User" is prohibited from carrying out any type of activity to the detriment of "REPROSA" or third parties. The use of the "Site" for political, pornographic, religious, illegal, immoral and racist purposes, or for acts of any kind that may negatively affect the "Site", third parties or "REPROSA", or that violate any law both in the Republic of Panama and any other relevant jurisdiction.

Limitations of Liability by "REPROSA"

The "User" acknowledges that "REPROSA" does not assume responsibilities, whether direct or indirect, foreseen or unforeseen, for any type of damage, whether emergent or loss of profit, derived from the misuse of the "Site" or its contents made by the "User" or third parties.

Under no circumstances will "REPROSA" be responsible for the consequences that any content on the "Site" may generate, including, but not limited to, any error or omission in any content, or for the loss or damage of any content.

The "User" expressly accepts that "REPROSA" will not be responsible for damages caused as a result of the failure or any discontinuity in the "Site".

The User expressly accepts that "REPROSA" will not be responsible for unauthorized access, copies, alterations or deletions of data that third parties may make on the "Site", nor for their consequences and / or damages.

The "User" acknowledges and accepts that "REPROSA" will not be responsible for the services or third parties that may provide links or links from the "Site", nor for the products or goods that are advertised therein.

The "User" accepts and acknowledges that "REPROSA" will not be responsible for any prizes and / or goods that are granted, bought, sold, promotions, advertised, won or mentioned on the "Site" without the authorization of "REPROSA", nor for the consequences that derive from its use, nor for the damages that may be caused in its enjoyment.

Authorization of Use to "REPROSA" by Copyright

All information or files that the "User" incorporates, transmits or sends in any way to the "Site", will be considered public and contains an irrevocable license from the "User", free of charge in favor of "REPROSA" for its reproduction, distribution, exhibition, transmission, retransmission, edition, commercialization, broadcast, storage, digitization, translation, adaptation, arrangement or any other modification for the entire period of protection that the copyright has legally foreseen. Likewise, the "User" understands that the authorization is made free of charge and expressly waives in that act any remuneration claim towards "REPROSA".

The "User" undertakes to hold harmless "REPROSA", its shareholders, controlling, controlled, related companies, directors, officers, executives, managers and employees in the event that the use of the information, files or other content provided by the "User" infringes the rights of third parties, whatever their nature.

Confidentiality of "User" Data, Exceptions

The data provided by the User will be considered confidential and of limited use by the "Site", according to the terms and conditions set forth herein. However, "REPROSA" may reveal said information in the following cases: (a) if required by a judicial or administrative authority; (b) if necessary in order to exercise your rights under the Terms and Conditions; (c) if said data were useful for the protection of the rights of third parties; and / or (d) when useful for the protection of the rights, property or safety of Reproducciones y Originales, S.A. its shareholders, controlling, controlled, related companies, directors, officers, executives, managers, employees, the "Users" or the general public.

Property Rights of Reproductions and Originals, S. A. and "REPROSA"

The User acknowledges and accepts that the "Site", like all the content provided by "REPROSA", be it any documentation, file, material, application, design, tool, source code or any type of work or idea is the property of Reproducciones y Originales, SA, and is protected under the applicable laws of intellectual property and of any other nature. Likewise, the publications, advertisements or information incorporated to the "Site" by advertisers or third parties are included within the same recognition. The trademarks and registered names of "REPROSA", of the brands and products presented, as well as any other trade names or distinctive signs, are the property of Reproducciones y Originales, S.A. or the corresponding provider. The "User" is expressly prohibited from displaying or using in any way the trademarks owned by "REPROSA" or Reproducciones y Originales, S.A. or the supplier's trademark.

The contents, pages and screens of the "Site", together with the logo and trademarks are their property, are duly registered and protected by law. In no case may use of any of them without written authorization of the brand owner.

Any form of reproduction, distribution, exhibition, transmission, retransmission, broadcast in any form, storage in any form, digitization, making available, translation, adaptation, public communication arrangement or any other type of act by which the "User" is prohibited. commercially or non-commercially, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, any of the contents of the works subject to the rights described above may be used. Failure to comply with the aforementioned will lead to the application of the corresponding criminal and civil sanctions.

Prohibition of Use. Links

The "User" acknowledges that the use of any technical resource by which the "User" or any third party may benefit, directly or indirectly, with or without profit, from any part or all of the "Site" or any fruit is prohibited. of the effort of "REPROSA", except the here specifically allowed. Specifically, any link (link), hyperlink (hyperlink), framing or similar to the "Site" is prohibited without the prior, express and written consent of "REPROSA", except here specifically permitted. Any violation of the provisions of this point will be considered as an injury to the Intellectual Property rights of "REPROSA" and / or Reproducciones y Originales, S.A. about the "Site" and all its contents.

Likewise, the "User" acknowledges that "REPROSA" will not assume any responsibility for the contents, services, products, etc. of third parties that can be accessed directly or through banners, links, links, hyperlinks, framing or similar links from the "REPROSA" website.

The "User" acknowledges and accepts that these Terms and Conditions, including the Privacy Policy of the "Site", will be applicable to any "Site" accessible through a link, link or similar link from or to the "Site", that is owned by "REPROSA" or by Reproducciones y Originales, SA, which of course does not imply any responsibility of the latter in relation to the "Site", its contents or other links, or for the actions or omissions of "REPROSA" or third parties.

The "User" agrees not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade, resell or exploit any part of the "Site" for any commercial purpose.


The "User" undertakes to indemnify and hold "REPROSA", its shareholders, controlling companies, subsidiaries, related companies, directors, officers, executives, managers, employees of and against all and any action or judgment of criminal or civil liability, initiated by third parties due to or originating from any of their actions on the "Site".


A notification, or any other type of communication made to the "User" shall be considered to have been validly made when it is addressed to an address, whether physical or virtual, that has been provided by the "User" or from which it operates.


The tolerance that "REPROSA" or Reproducciones y Originales, S. A., may make regarding the exercise of any right or provision of the Terms and Conditions will not constitute a waiver thereof. Likewise, if any of the points established in this contract turns out to be declared void by current law, this does not cancel the rest of the points.

Applicable Legislation

These Terms and Conditions, as well as the relationship between the "User" and "REPROSA" are governed by the laws of the Republic of Panama.

The "User" and "REPROSA" agree to submit to the jurisdiction of an Arbitration according to the Arbitration rules of the Republic of Panama. For this reason both the "User" and "REPROSA" agree that any litigation or controversy arising from, or related to the use of the "Site", as well as the interpretation, application, execution and termination thereof, including but not limited to the Policies for the use of the "Site" and the Terms and Conditions of use of the "Site", must be resolved by means of Arbitration, prior attempt at Conciliation, by the Center for Conciliation and Arbitration of Panama, in accordance with its rules of procedure.

Claim for Violations of your Rights

In the event that you as a "User" consider that your rights are being violated in any way on the "Site", please send an e-mail with your personal data, a description of the situation that you claim violates your rights and the details that allow us to locate the situation that indicates. Once the communication is received, "REPROSA" will analyze the origin of your claim and will proceed according to the Terms and Conditions indicated here.

Changes to these Terms and Conditions

"REPROSA" reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions periodically. The "User" agrees to regularly review these Terms and Conditions in order to be informed of any changes that may have occurred.

Suspension and Termination

"REPROSA" may, without the need for prior notification, determine the suspension in any form, cancellation and / or immediate termination of the "Site". For this reason, "REPROSA" will not be liable to the User, or to any third party, for the consequences that may be generated by the suspension, modification and / or termination of the "Site".